We proudly partner with our global network of innovators, entrepreneurs, enterprises & experts to bring cutting-edge fintech solutions to global markets


  • Creditplace


    Creditplace is a P2P platform offering businesses a flexible factoring solution to deferred payments and bringing investors liquid, solid and yielding investment opportunities.

  • Straterix


    Straterix is revolutionizing the generation, design and application of scenarios in strategic business planning, capital and liquidity optimization, stress testing and risk management. Straterix develops cutting-edge solutions powered by advanced algorithms based on machine-learning and data mining techniques.

  • FEX


    FEX is a cloud-based financial exchange technology infrastructure allowing cost-effective, rapid development and deployment of financial technology products. The API/SDK based platform offers a variety of services tailored to fintech companies and institutions such as exchanges, brokers and hedge funds.

  • :Banked


    Banked unlocks the potential of financial data as the trusted channel between banks, businesses and individuals. Banked simple tools help banks make financial data more accessible. Developers integrate better, more personalized products and individuals benefit from unprecedented control of their data and financial lives.

  • Quartz


    Quartz is a robust, elastic, cloud-based technology allowing financial institutes to create and manage financial and asset derivatives. Some key Quartz features include derivative pricing, risk analysis and connectivity to financial hubs.

  • Block Event

    Block Event

    An electronic trading venue supported by experienced block traders, Block Event matches buyers and sellers anonymously and with greater efficiency than incumbent stock exchanges or traditional stockbroking methods, enabling institutions to trade large blocks of equities directly with one another and with minimal market impact.

The fintech frontier

Fintech is the new front and an important part of the global tech future. If you’re an entrepreneur ready to grow your venture or an enterprise looking to ride this great fintech wave, by all means check out the traditional funds and incubators. But first meet with OM2. At very least, you will benefit from our unique expertise and experience in this fast evolving space. At best, you will discover that our true partnerships bring the financial peace of mind to focus on building great products and companies. Our shoulder-to-shoulder support circumvents typical startup pitfalls and simply smoothes the ride to success. You will also experience a unique dynamic in our collaborative environment. We work independently and together with fellow fintech game-changers, leveraging proprietary technologies and deep expertise to change how we all finance, transact & interact.