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If you’re great at what you do, and enjoy your career… If you believe, like we do, that fintech is an empowering and meaningful catalyst for positive change… If you’re looking for a great place to work where innovation, collaborative problem solving, results, responsibility, transparency, fun and a healthy work-life balance are equally valued… If you’re motivated by success and excited about a unique ecosystem that creates the best of all worlds – startup with security, energy of early innovation with impact of real business… If you’re all this, we want you!

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Open Positions

  • BizDev | Israel

    OM2 Technologies is looking for a talented, smart, creative and passionate professional BizDev, eager to take part in developing the next generation of OM2 Technologies’ leading product – a flexible exchange software solution that will work for any industry. Our product’s robust technology and SaaS deployment makes it the ultimate solution.

    Job Specifications

    • Development and implementation of marketing & sales strategy;
    • Creation of new leads;
    • Customer recruitment;
    • Development of business relationships;
    • Negotiations with customers;
    • Establishment, management and operation of marketing and sales;
    • Market awareness, customer segmentation, understanding customer needs, identifying business opportunities;
    • Management of social media channels
    • Planning and overseeing new marketing initiatives;
    • Researching organizations and individuals to find new opportunities.

    Job Requirements

    • Experience in B2B marketing and in sales of technological products;
    • Entrepreneurial spirit;
    • Creativity, out of the box thinking;
    • Assertiveness, high interpersonal skills;
    • Technical background – advantage;
    • High verbal abilities;
    • English - high level;
    • Flexibility in travel abroad;
    • Strong problem-solving skills;
    • Strong sales and negotiation capabilities;
    • Independent thinking;
    • Proactiveness.
  • Senior software engineer | Israel

    OM2 is currently seeking to hire a Senior Software Engineer who can apply their skills, passion and experience to develop its challenging products. As the engineer you will be responsible for designing and building application infrastructures and improve tough-spots. You will have the privilege to work shoulder to shoulder with a very strong and talented team of developers.

    Job Specifications

    • Develop and maintain the backend of the core products of the company
    • Design and get architecture decision together with the company’s architects
    • Analyze and investigate performance issues and concurrency problems
    • Handle production issues in a large-scale application with multiple client types
    • Mentor and lead other developers in order to improve the teams quality

    Job Requirements

    • Passion for developing cutting edge applications and solving complicated problems.
    • 5+ years of experience developing .Net applications (mostly back-end).
    • Deep knowledge with WCF and Web API technologies. Knowing when to use each.
    • Substantial understanding of web applications architecture and advanced software design paradigms.
    • Understand concurrent programming and know how to debug multithreaded applications.
    • Proven experience in learning and applying new technologies and software designs.
    • Demonstrated abilities to write and follow technical briefs, technical requirements and data schemas.
    • Familiar with message based architecture and message patterns. (msmq, rabbitMQ etc.)
    • Ability to estimate the scope and effort required to deliver a development task.
    • Understands ALM and the use of CI/CD.
    • Experience as an agile development practitioner.
    • Experience in code testing, including unit testing and service testing (NUnit, msTest)
    • Strive to always be better
  • Product Manager | Israel

    OM2 is currently seeking to hire a Product Manager who can lead and manage products, by translating vision into an industry leading product. Drive product strategy, develop and prioritize product roadmaps. Inspire people with your passion and enthusiasm. Communicate extensively to make sure all are aligned.

    Job Specifications

    • Collect and analyze customer needs
    • Write requirements and specifications
    • Plan the product roadmap
    • Manage requirements backlog and prioritization
    • Coordinate and facilitate full life cycle of the features
    • Work closely with the development teams on a daily base

    Job Requirements

    • A great Product Owner with a proven record of building successful products, with 2-3 years of experience.
    • Experience as a successful leader in gray areas – feeling comfortable in unclear and undefined situations, while creating clarity for others.
    • Driving product lifecycle processes in highly intensive, fast-paced, agile organizations.
    • Ability in solving complicated problems
    • Detail oriented
    • Great communication skills

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